Tips and Tricks for Teeth Whitening

All of us would love to flash million dollar smiles! There are many ways one can improve their smile but it costs money. Various types of teeth whitening methods are available in the market. These include teeth bleaching and using whitening strips. There are also different teeth whitening tricks that one can follow at home that can save us a trip to the dentist.

Various ways to whiten teeth:

Eat crunchy food – we are aware that our bodies will remain healthy and reflect our looks when we eat right. Foods help our bodies internally by providing the right nutrition. Some foods help us maintain white teeth. Crunchy vegetables and fruits such as carrots, applies, raw spinach, celery, broccoli and cucumbers are good for removing plaque and tartar from our teeth. The shine on our teeth are retained when we gorge on these foods.

All of us look forward to a hot cup of coffee when we awake to get that instant kick. However, people who drink excess coffee end up with stained teeth. It is a good idea to brush your teeth after drinking hot beverages such as coffee and tea in order to ensure that the stains do not linger. One tip is to swish a mouthful of water in the mouth after drinking coffee. This will help to prevent stains settling over the teeth when drinking tea or coffee.

Chewing Gum – people who like chewing gum will be heartened to learn that gum is good for whitening teeth. The gum should be sugarless for best effects. It is important to brush teeth regularly and not rely only on gum to keep teeth clean. It is not a substitute for toothpaste.

Use a Straw for drinking – this helps to prevent liquids coming in contact with the teeth area. Straws are long thin pipes that you dip in a soft drink can or bottle and suck the liquids from the other end. It is important to remember not to swish the liquid around in the mouth to savor the drink as it will touch the teeth and stain it. Straws are used to ensure that the liquid does not stain teeth.

Tips for Maintaining white teeth:

Teeth should be brushed with apple cider vinegar every night. Mix half teaspoon rock salt in a cup of water. Use this solution to gargle before getting into bed last thing at night. It is a good idea to add a few drop of lemon to the toothbrush when brushing teeth.

Limit intake of carbonated drinks, coffee, red wine or tea. In order to maintain sparking teeth, it is necessary to avoid smoking. Brush teeth with hardwood ash and potassium hydroxide as they are excellent for teeth whitening.

It is a fact that all of us yearn to possess sparking white teeth. Calcium is responsible for maintaining white teeth. Make sure to use home remedies in moderation and not overdo them. Brush your teeth with soft materials and make sure you do not brush too long. Research before you follow the tips and tricks suggested for whitening teeth.