How to Get New and Healthy Teeth in Just One Day

If you have lost your teeth due to poor oral hygiene or by accident, chances are that you are desperately looking for a permanent solution for your despair. If this is the case, worry not for there are a variety of dental treatments that dentists across the globe are giving to patients.

Other than replacing missing teeth, there are other varieties of dental treatment used in dentistry today. However, this article is an insight for those looking for a quicker way of getting new and healthy teeth. Read on to learn more on how to get new and healthy teeth in one day.

Of all the dental treatments in dentistry, one of the most innovative and reliable treatment for new teeth in just a day are dental implants. For functional results, these implants will be carefully anchored in your jawbone.

The advantage of having implants is that Implant-supported teeth, function and look just like natural teeth. Dental implants are also easy to manage since they require the same oral hygiene practices as real teeth. Flossing after meals and brushing twice a day will do just fine.

If you do not need implants, you can also change your look by whitening your teeth. Naturally after a while, our teeth tend to lose their natural color. The main cause of teeth discoloration is drinking too much caffeine and frequent smoking. Other times, our teeth may discolour due to normal wear-and-tear.

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching is a very common cosmetic procedure across the globe. With the right bleaching agents, teeth whitening can be very effective and safe and just like it is with dental implants, you can absolutely have new and whiter teeth in one day.

To avoid frequent and expensive visits to the dentist, here are a few tips for you

    • Maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth right after meals or at least twice a day. After you have consumed sugary foods, rinse your mouth with warm water or simply brush
    • It is important that you use an antiseptic solution like Listerine to rinse your mouth. Use this solution as frequently as possible. By so doing, you will reduce dental infections by killing the bacteria that grows in the mouth. Listerine is also good if you want to clear teeth discoloration.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake. Chocolates, tea, coffee and wines are the major causes of teeth discoloration and tooth decay. Avoiding these foods and drinks can reduce your chances of ever needing dental treatment.