4 Simple Tips To Maintain Hygiene

Believe it or not, people in general do not have good hygiene. In fact, in a recent study, it is reported that 50 per cent of people do not how to maintain the minimum daily hygiene standards. Normally, hygiene is taught by your parents or at school. But with a greater number of people living in dysfunctional family and children getting inadequate education, hygiene standards are being neglected. Here are 4 simple tips to maintain hygiene.

1. Shower at least once a day

Showering cleans the body of any dirt and odour. A shower a day is the minimum amount of you should shower. Unfortunately, some people shower once every two days or even some people shower once every 2 weeks. This will make you smell and will increase the chance of getting sick

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

Brushing your teeth is to maintain good health for your teeth, gums and mouth. Gentle circular motion to the teeth and along the gums will keep your teeth healthy. It should be done at least once in the morning and once before sleep.

3. Wear deodorant

How you smell can affect how you present to other people such as your friends and family. Smelling good is just good social behaviour. A simple act of applying deodorant to your armpits is a simple but effective way of removing bad smells.

4. Cut long finger nails

Having long finger nails will allow dirt and bacteria to build up underneath the nails. Simply cutting your nails will stop any potential viruses and infections from happening.